Jean & Bromley Palamountain

Jean & Bromley Palamountain

Jean Ma and Bromley Palamountain first teamed up in August of 2004. Jean taught performance swing dancing to UC Berkeley students as part of "The [M]ovement". She is also well-versed in hip hop, having danced in the professional hip hop troupe Culture Shock.

Bromley's expertise lies in his gymnastics foundation. He trained under Olympic Gold medalist Tim Daggett and was able to pave his way through college as a competitive gymnast for UC Berkeley's men's gymnastics team.

Together they are known for their explosive aerials, high energy, and passion for the dance. Jean and Bromley love to showcase their talents in competitions, jam circles, and on the social dance floor. They would even practice their technique within the corridors of the BART stations if the security guards would let them. Jean and Bromley ardently spread the coolness of Lindy Hop wherever they go, enjoying teaching and the many friends they have met within the dance community.

Recent Awards:
1st place Reno Dance Sensation Strictly Lindy division
1st place S.F. Balfest Strictly Lindy contest (Qualifying for ALHC 2007)
2nd place U.S Open Lindy Showcase division
3rd place Rhythmic Arts Festival Lindy division

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