Want to be a Swing DJ?

Join the Cat’s Corner DJ team!

You love swing dancing and pumped about swing music.

You want to share your awesome taste in music, or just hear more of your own style in the clubs, Or maybe, just want to learn more about swing music…

DJ at Cat's Corner!We provide training and coaching by world-class DJs and guest opportunities to up and coming DJs!

Awesome Perks!

  • FREE dance party admission for you and a guest on nights you DJ
  • 2 complimentary drinks at the bar on the night you DJ (well drinks, beer or wine)
  • $5 discount on all other nights at Cat’s Corner

Never DJed before? No problem! Cat’s Corner VP of DJs Michael Terkowski will coach you on:

  • Operating a professional club sound system
  • DJ software setup and tips
  • Developing a set list
  • Reading the crowd
  • Developing your own, unique style
The fun never ends! We also offer our successful DJs more opportunities, playing sets in other events, and gig referrals for other venues and events.

Email now! michael@catscornersf.com


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