Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions?

Cat’s Corner is a 21 and up venue.

What kind of attire should I wear?

Cat’s Corner at Swedish American Hall is a classy place, so we recommend dressing on the upper side of casual. Dress to impress!

What kind of shoes are recommended for swing dancing?

Swing is an athletic dance, so we recommend wearing comfortable shoes with good arch support and a smooth, non-gripping bottom. Shoes with flat-bottom soles or modest heels are preferable. High heel shoes are notoriously difficult to dance in and are also a potential source of injury to other guests when dancing in close quarters.

Do I have to have a partner?

No. Swing & Lindy Hop are social dances in which people meet and dance with many partners over the course of the evening. If you’re new, our 9pm Drop-in Swing lesson is a great way to learn new steps and meet a lot of friendly people.

Swing, Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing…what’s the difference?

Here is a great explanation from Yahoo! Answers.

Why the name Cat’s Corner?

Cat’s Corner is named after the Cat’s Corner of the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, NYC, where the best lindy hoppers in the house — the “cool cats” — would dance. Cat’s Corner is also named after its founder Catrine “Cat” Ljunggren.

How long has Cat’s Corner been around and what’s it’s history?

They say a cat has nine lives, and Cat’s Corner is no different, having had several incarnations since its inception in 2001, when Catrine Ljunggren, Joel Tornatore & Elliott Donnelly created the party at El Valenciano. It existed at the Verdi Club for a brief period in 2004. Cat’s Corner had it’s longest and hugely formative run from 2006-2013 at Savanna Jazz Club. It was during this run in 2008 that Cat’s Corner began featuring live music every week with rotating bands. When Savanna Jazz closed, Cat’s Corner moved down the street to Balancoire Restaurant & Bar, where it introduced a second floor for advanced dance classes and ran a great party from 2014-2017. Starting January 2018, Cat’s Corner begins it’s fifth and most promising life at the Swedish American Hall.

I’m visiting SF soon. Where can I go swing dancing?

Come dancing at Cat’s Corner of course! But here are even more resources to find other dance parties, classes and events for yourself:

LindyList – swing dance event calendar for the SF Bay Area

San Francisco Lindy Hop Facebook Group – see the first “sticky” post for a usually up-to-date list of regular weekly and monthly events. You can also post a message requesting recommendations for the specific dates of your visit.