Cat and Nathan Host Epic Swing Night, November 10th.Catrine Ljunggren, the “Cat” who founded Cat’s Corner and taught with Nathan at Savanna Jazz Club for many years, is visiting the Bay Area this weekend and is excited to see all of her past dance students and friends…and make some new ones.

Catch Cat & Nathan hosting this Saturday’s Epic Swing Night dance party with a special Herrang Dance Camp themed format. Cat is also available for private lessons on Friday (4-8pm) and Saturday (11-2pm)…please email to set you lesson up!

Herrang Night! @ Epic Swing

with Catrine, Nathan and the Port City Jazz Band

Saturday, November 10th at the San Mateo Masonic Lodge

Herrang Dance Camp ( that takes place in Sweden every summer is a magical place for Lindy Hoppers, and every serious swing dancer should make a pilgrimage there at least once in their lifetime.

This Saturday, we’re bringing the spirit of Herrang to the bay area and cramming 7 full days of zany Swedish dance camp activities into one Epic Swing Night!


  • Lindy Hop & Tap dance workshops with Catrine “Cat” Ljunggren, international Lindy Hop teacher extraordinaire
  • live music dance party with the Port City Jazz Band
  • Herrang Dance Camp-inspired party festivities all night long!
In Herrang Saturday at Epic Swing
Students take dances classes during the day, all week long (3-8pm) Take Lindy Hop & Tap classes from Cat & Nathan
Thursday is Cabaret Night. Show off your secret talents. The only requirement is that acts be less than 3 minutes long! (8:30-9pm) Mini-Cabaret Show. Email to be in the show!
Friday is the Masquerade Party, and everyone dresses up according to the weekly theme  (9-11pm) Adventure Quest Theme Party with Live Music by the Port City Jazz Band
Wednesday is Slow Drag Night (aka Blues Night) (11-midnight) We’ll slow the music down, so you can dance close with that special camper you’ve been eyeing

Sign up online today!

Cat is Back! at Epic Swing Night this Saturday!

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