Starting on January 8th, 2020, Cat’s Corner has a new home at the Valencia Room, a hip new bar in the heart of the SF Mission District at the site of the former Elbo Room!

The move brings Cat’s Corner full circle to its Mission District night club roots, and is the 6th incarnation of the dance party since 2001.*

Things to look forward to:

  • cozy dance floor with a good, smooth surface for swing dancing
  • compact class sizes that provide students with more individual attention
  • beer, wine and cocktails served at a bar directly adjacent to the dance floor and with a view of the band
  • ability to host the party consistently every Wednesday as soon as March 2020
  • getting back to the lively, small bar community and party and atmosphere that Cat’s Corner is known for

* for the historians, Cat’s Corner has had 5 former lives: 1) El Valenciano, 2) Club Verdi, 3) Savanna Jazz Club, 4) Balancoire, and most recently 5) Swedish American Hall.


January 8, 2020: Cat’s Corner moves to the Valencia Room, SF!