Upstairs Dance Floor, 7-8PM

January 11, 18 & 25 (3-week session)

7pm 1920s Partner Charleston

with Jeff Kroll and Sara Levine


The Charleston is the dance that best captures the flamboyant spirit of the 1920s, conjuring up images of wild flapper dancers and the underground speakeasies of the Prohibition Era. Historically danced to ragtime music and hot jazz, the Charleston features a simple basic step perfectly suited to dancing fast tempos, and can be alternately styled in an exuberant or refined manner to easily match the music. Along with fun turns, flashy footwork and other lead-and-follow variations, the Charleston is a great complement to any Lindy Hopper’s dance repertoire.

 About the Teachers

Jeff Kroll :

Jeff Kroll

Jeff Kroll has been swing dancing since 1996, and teaching and competing nationally since 2004. He has danced on TV and for the big screen, and has performed, taught, and DJed at countless weddings and private events.

While Jeff enjoys all styles of swing dancing, he has a particular fondness for Balboa-Swing and 1920s Charleston and will dance it and teach almost every chance he gets. His love for dancing and his desire to share it shows in the enthusiasm and positive energy he brings to his classes, the fun and creativity with which he infuses everything including even the most technical of details, and the relaxed, patient individual attention and encouraging guidance he gives.

Sara Levine :

Sara Levine

Sara Levine has been partner dancing since 2001, when she began learning Salsa in high school. Since then she fell in love with swing and blues, which she has been dancing for over ten years all across the country. It’s hard to say what her favorite dance style is, as she believes that dancing is dancing and the more forms you learn, the better each one becomes. She enjoys fusing dance forms together to create her own smooth and playful style. An elementary school teacher by day, Sara enjoys joining these two passions together to teach dance in her free time. Her enthusiastic and encouraging teaching style allow students to feel comfortable and confident in learning dance and bringing it to the social floor.

3-week series cost: $45 early registration by Jan 2nd. $50 online after the deadline. $55 at the door.
Drop-in cost: $20 per week with teacher permission.

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1920s Charleston Series with Jeff and Sara (Jan 11, 18 & 25)