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Wednesday, February 14:

My Funny Valentine

A Dress-up & Dance Party

Cat’s Corner is your hopping spot for swing dancing, partying and cocktails this Valentine’s Day!

  • Dress-to-Impress in Reds, Pinks & Whites…or register your protest by wearing black, blue or alternate colors. Whatever you do, Dress Up!
  • Live Music with Johnny Bones & the Palace of Jazz 9:30pm-midnight
  • Absolute Beginner Swing Dance Lesson 9-9:30pm
    No partner or experience needed. Only $5 this week (normally $10), includes dance entry
  • Kissing Contest at 10:40pm! $50 cash prize for the winners
  • Fancy Valentine’s Day themed cocktails
  • Event Photos by Auey Santos

Bring a date, meet a date…or commiserate about bad dates at the bar!

Kissing Contest Details

  • free entry, sign up with a partner at the door
  • max 5 couples selected to compete
  • 10:40PM Pucker up LIVE & ON STAGE
  • audience selects the winning couple
  • $50 cash prize

Absolutely No Photos or Videos Allowed. What happens at Cat’s Corner stays at Cat’s Corner!

Johnny Bones and the Palace of Jazz

Johnny’s band will knock your dancing socks off! Featuring wah-wah horns, novelty drums, and New Orleans jazz rhythms, Johnny’s band showcases a classy sound that is sweet but full of spice!

History lesson: Johnny is the one who played in both of the bands that headlined Cat’s Corner in our startup days at Savanna Jazz Club…you could say he was instrumental in our early success!

DJ Benji

Silly, and ever quick with a joke or animal fact Benji hopes to bring happiness and swing outs to everyone around him. The 1974 film “Benji” about a lovable stray dog is loosely based on his life. They might have gotten some of the minor details wrong but they nailed the character’s love for vintage jazz music.

February 14, 2018: My Funny Valentine Party with Johnny Bones & the Palace of Jazz, Kissing Contest and more!