Wednesday, February 15:

Lucky or Unlucky in Love?

A 2-minute Storytelling Contest

Cat’s Corner will help everyone kiss (or kick) Valentine’s Day goodbye for another year with music by Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums, plus our first ever 2-Minute Storytelling Contest!

Up to 6 finalists will have up to 2-minutes to dramatically relate their own stories of Romantic Bliss or Woe, reflecting our theme “Lucky or Unlucky in Love?”

One audience selected winner will receive 4 free admissions to Cat’s Corner for 2 people and 2 free drinks…to help keep up (or turn around) their lucky streak!

Two ways to enter:

  1. Pre-submit your written story (you must be able to tell it in 2-minutes or less) to Up to 3 finalists will be selected from this pool.
  2. Enter on the spot on Wednesday, February 15. You must be present before the band break at 10:30pm and submit your name. Up to 3 finalist will be randomly chosen from these entries – in keeping with our lucky/unlucky theme 😉

Story Rules/Guidelines:

  1. You must tell your story in 2-minutes or less.
  2. Stories must be at least loosely related to reality.
  3. Stories must be appropriate for a public audience.
  4. Please use good judgment about using real persons’ name and/or anonymize your characters.

Other than that, unleash your creativity and imagination. Stories may be serious, dramatic, humorous, wistful…or however you interpret the theme!

2/15: Lucky or Unlucky in Love? Storytelling Contest

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