with Chad Kubo, Ken Watanabe & guests

Learn the secret mysteries of partner steals and swaps from some of SF’s earliest practitioners of this amazingly fun dance activity!

You’ve probably seen partner steals and swaps in the traditional “Birthday Jam” (aka Steal Jam) celebrated at many swing dance venues. Dancers form a circle and take turns cutting in to dance with those in the middle designated as being “jammed” (celebrated).

This class will cover basic and advanced steal moves for both followers AND leaders, help you track the flow of the dance to effortlessly hijack partners, and also discuss common etiquette for jams and spontaneous partner stealing on the social dance floor.

2-hour class, 7-9pm, upstairs dance floor on Nov 30
2+ months of Intermediate Lindy Hop experience recommended
$30 early registration by Nov 28 / $35 online / $40 door

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November 30: Sneaky Steals & Partner Swaps Workshop!