It’s about time that we had a Cat-themed party at Cat’s Corner…and here it is!

Enjoy $2 OFF drink specials from the bar when you wear cat ears, a tail, whiskers, cat-print ties, socks, shirts, dresses…or anything else feline-themed!

Live Music by the Hot Baked Goods

The Hot Baked Goods are a band of young jazz musicians playing hot tunes of the 30’s. Most of the band members started as swing dancers, and became so infatuated with the music that they decided to make some themselves! They have been delighting dancers and big local events including Fog City Stomp, SF Lindy Exchange & Swingin’ at the Savoy, and they also play regularly Saturdays at Dolores Park and 1st and 3rd Sundays at Amnesia.

Plus band break tunes by DJ Frank Lee

Frank has developed his own sense of what dancers want. Blending vocals and instrumental tunes, his selections appeal to beginners through expert levels. Always danceable and never boring he’s a regular at Cat’s Corner and has appeared at events around town such as Lindy in the Park, S.F. Sunday Streets, Lindypendence at the Fillmore Jazz Festival, Swing Dance for Life and Lindy on the Beach. Come dance or just listen while enjoying your favorite cocktail or bar snack.

October 25: All the Cats Join In Dance Party with the Hot Baked Goods