Swing Rueda Mini-Workshop

with Nathan Dias and Rebecca Shannon

Wednesday, November 22nd. 7:30-9:15pm (105 minutes)

Swing Rueda is an extremely fun and social group dance, in which you dance classic Lindy Hop moves in sync with other couples in a circle, while switching partners in response to designated caller. It’s a bit like Lindy Hop meets Simon Says. The thrill of dancing with everyone simultaneously is a one-of-a-kind feeling!

This is a one-night, mixed-levels drop-in format class. If you can dance the 8-count swingout and lindy circle, then you can take and enjoy this class. Knowledge of other 8-count basic moves like swingout with inside or outside turn is helpful but not required.

  • brush up on Lindy basics used in Swing Rueda: swingouts, Lindy Circle & 8-count turns
  • learn fun Swing Rueda specific steps like: Open Break, Dame, Dame Dos, Coca Cola, Boing Boing, Kick-the-Can, Amoeba and more…
  • get a chance to practice being the caller

Requirements: This is a mixed levels class, so beginning lindy hoppers and above are welcome to join. You must know the 8-count basic lindy footwork, swingouts and lindy circle.
1 Night Drop-in Cost: $20 normal price online or at the door. $10 if you are already registered for November series classes.

Register online!

One Night Swing Rueda Mini Workshop on Nov 22nd!