Dear Cats Corner San Francisco:

Happy April Fool’s Day (yesterday, technically)! Yes, the news post below was an April Fool’s joke. Please note that Cats Corner Montreal had absolutely no involvement in the planning or execution of this prank, and please do not send any further messages to them because of it!

Dear Cats Corner Montreal:

Nathan and Cats Corner SF sincerely apologize for any negative messages you received, and/or any confusion or offense to your reputation that resulted from this joke, which was only intended in good humor. Indeed, we have met and admired many dancers from Montreal in our Lindy travels, and have only heaps of praise for them! In hindsight, we realize it would have been good to alert you to the joke beforehand, and apologize for not doing so. We hope you can forgive us! Happy April Fool’s Day!


Nathan & the Cats Corner/Nate’s Nook Team 😉

Happy April Fools Day From Cat’s Corner!

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